Appointment #8: Another Checkup

Appointment number 8 was just another checkup. I guess we need to start going every 2-3 weeks now instead of monthly, so they’re not really monthly checkups anymore.

There is nothing really interesting to mention here. It was just the standard pee in a cup, measurements, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. The only thing that was different was Lisa had a vaginal swab done to test for any kind of infection.

Still no bill from the last few appointments, so the total isn’t current. Yesterday was our first prenatal class at the hospital but haven’t got around to discussing it yet. Shall do that soon!

Update: 3/5/13

Apparently vagina swabs are more expensive than expected:


TOTAL: $91.60

Appointment 8 Financial Statement

Appointment 8 Financial Statement (Click to enlarge)

Visit Summary
Charges: $114.50
Adjustments: -$22.90
Amount Due: $91.60

Running Total
Appointments: 8
Charges: $3,418.90
20% Charity Adjustment: -$683.78
Grand Total: $2,735.12

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