Appointment #9: Checkup

We’re moving to checkups every two weeks now, instead of monthly. But it was still like all the others, same exact procedure. However, we received some semi-scary news as the baby was still transverse, which means they were laying with their head on their side, instead of head down. If the baby is transverse when Lisa goes into labor, that is a 100% guaranteed cesarean according to our hospital. But they did assure us not to be too worried, because it is quite common for the baby to change positions a lot during the weeks leading up to the birth. They said it would become an issue if they were still transverse in 4 weeks.

So we will keep our eye on that and Lisa is going to try some techniques to help the baby go head down. Cya in two weeks!

Running Total
Appointments: 9
Charges: $3,418.90
20% Charity Adjustment: -$683.78
Grand Total: $2,735.12

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