Appointment #10: Yep, Another Checkup

Standard stuff again! Doc said everything seemed fine, baby’s heart beat, yadda yadda. Only difference this appointment was Lisa raised the concern about the baby’s position. So one of the doctors tried checking with her hands and she said it felt like the baby was head down. However, just to be sure they pulled Lisa into the ultrasound room and confirmed, that yes, the baby was now head down. So that’s a relief, we just hope our little guy or gal stays that way now!

They also changed our due date again, this time to March 18, instead of March 24. We’ll see about that I guess.

Next appointment is in two weeks again and then we move to weekly. Almost home stretch!

Running Total
Appointments: 10
Charges: $3,418.90
20% Charity Adjustment: -$683.78
Grand Total: $2,735.12

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