Appointment #11: Checkup

Oh hi. Another two weeks. More urination in cups. Doppler to hear heart beat. Same old. However, the doc got fresh with my wife this time. She had to check if she was dilated and how everything “down there” was doing, so she lubed up her fingers and really shoved them up there. Like up to her wrist. Maybe not that far, but Lisa commented how uncomfortable it was, and certainly isn’t looking forward to that each week.

We had to sign a paper we read stating we understand all the possible pain relief during the labor and are aware of the potential issues. However, Lisa wants to do it all naturally through breathing and meditation. No epidural, no pain meds, notta. I’m all for her making this decision and I will do anything I can to help her along.

We’re under one month now, so an appointment every Wednesday now until baby pops out. Cya next week!

Update: 4/4/13

We received a bill for this visit and I don’t really understand the charge. It’s the same reading as appointment #8 where Lisa had a vaginal swab to test for infection. However, on this day we didn’t have any additional tests done. I guess I can ask about it when we go in after we get the big birth bill.


TOTAL: $61.20

Appointment 11 Financial Statement

Appointment 11 Financial Statement (Click to enlarge)

Visit Summary
Charges: $76.50
Adjustments: -$15.30
Amount Due: $61.20

Running Total
Appointments: 11
Charges: $3,495.40
20% Charity Adjustment: -$699.08
Grand Total: $2,796.32

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