Appointment #15: Checkup, Fetal Monitor, & Past Due

So if you’ve been following you may have noticed that today is the 20th and Lisa’s due date was the 18th. Lisa is still very much pregnant and now we’re past due. We both thought it was going to happen on Monday as Lisa was having contractions for close to 24 hours, but nothing came of it.

Today’s checkup went fine, they said she is still measuring good and the baby is healthy. Since she is only a couple of days past due, there wasn’t any talk of inducing, but they said if she is still pregnant at our next appointment (Monday the 25th) that will be a main part of conversation. Lisa and I both want to avoid induction if possible, and only move forward with that if there is some danger to the baby. There also was some confusion with our due date early on as we have been given the 28th, 24th, 20th, and the 18th. So we will make sure to bring that up on Monday, assuming the little guy or gal doesn’t make his way into the world this week.

The doc “checked” Lisa, aka shoved some fingers up in there, and said she was dilated to 1.5 or 2. After the checkup and questions, Lisa was hooked up to a Fetal Monitor for about 20 minutes which tracks the baby’s heart rate and strength of contractions. We both found it pretty nifty, and I snapped a pic of the machine.

Appointment 15: Fetal Monitor

Appointment 15: Fetal Monitor (Click to enlarge)

Not sure how much that will cost, but we shall see.

Hopefully my next post will be about the birth of our guy or gal and not another appointment log!

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Charges: Unknown

Running Total
Appointments: 15
Charges: $3,495.40
20% Charity Adjustment: -$699.08
Grand Total: $2,796.32

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