To the Hospital We Go…

…only to be sent home.

This morning Lisa woke up and her underwear was wet. She then went to the bathroom and afterwards she walked to the sink and a stream of water was gushing down her leg. Although she wasn’t having any strong contractions, she was almost certain her water broke. Since they told us to come in when her water breaks, we packed our stuff and headed to the hospital.

After checking in and paper work, they gave us a room in OB. They decided to run a test to see if what she was leaking was amniotic fluid or just discharge, to determine if her water really did break. So they swabbed some strange paper with the fluid and waited for the results. After about 15 minutes, it came back negative. Probably just normal discharge or something, not sure. The nurse talked to the doctor and he said it sounded like we should just head back home, so we did.

So the little guy or gal still isn’t ready. We’re now at 4 days overdue and Lisa doesn’t want to induce unless there is a risk to the baby or her. So still playing the waiting game.

I am a bit concerned about this visit though since we were fully admitted to the OB and she sat in the bed for about an hour. What will they charge us? Only time will tell…

Visit Summary
Charges: Unknown

Running Total
Appointments: 15
Charges: $3,495.40
20% Charity Adjustment: -$699.08
Grand Total: $2,796.32

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