So, Just How Much Does it Cost to Give Birth Without Insurance?

A lot.

Before I begin, I need to state that this bill probably is not complete. I just received the raw version yesterday, and based on the past 9 months, almost certainly missing charges from other departments at the hospital. I’ll update it as it comes in.

This blog post is probably going to be long. I am going to break down every part of this, and eventually setup a meeting with the hospital to learn more.

So today was the day I’ve been dreading since Lisa showed me the equals sign on the stick. We received the bill for the birth. Without further ado, hurr it is:

Bill 1, Page 1/1 (Baby’s Charges)

Birth Bill for Baby

Birth Bill for Baby (Click to enlarge)

Bill 2, Page 1/2 (Lisa’s Charges)

Birth Bill for Lisa 1/2

Birth Bill for Lisa 1/2 (Click to enlarge)

Bill 2, Page 2/2 (Lisa’s Charges cont.)

Birth Bill for Lisa 2/2

Birth Bill for Lisa 2/2 (Click to enlarge)

So let’s add it all up!

Baby’s charges: $2,407.03
Lisa’s charges: $6,735.88
Grand total: $9,142.91

Officially the largest bill I’ve received for anything in my life. I had to stare at it for a while before it sank in that my debt had increased by nearly 5 figures.

Now let’s break this thing down.

Bill 1, Page 1/1 (Baby’s Charges)

03/24/13 NURSERY; ROOM 130/Y [1] $1459.00

Looks like it’s baby’s rate for the night. Expensive hotel.

03/25/13 VENIPUNCTURE [1] $13.50

No idea what this is.

03/24/13 CAPPILARY GASES [1] $149.50
03/25/13 NEWBORN SCREENING [1] $343.28
TOTAL: $492.78

No idea what cappilary gases are. Newborn screening was the look over and physical to make sure all systems were go, or something like that.

*** 305 LAB HEMATOLOGY ***
03/25/13 CBC-A [1] $66.50

No idea.

*** 309 LAB OTHER ***
03/24/13 ACCU CHECK-OB [2] $30

I haven’t a clue.

03/25/13 NEWBORN HEARING SCREENING [1] $319.25

An expensive way to find out if your baby can hear!

03/24/13 PHYTONADIONE 1MG/0.5ML PFS; [1] $16.00

03/24/13 ERYTHROMYCIN 0.5% OPHTH OINT; [1] $10.00

I’m not 100% what these drug charges were.

GRAND TOTAL: $2407.03

So the little guy end up costing us a pretty decent chunk of change.

Now let’s have a look at Lisa’s bill.

Bill 2, Page 1/2 (Lisa’s Charges)

*** 122 SEMI-PRIVATE OB ***
03/24/13 SEMI PRIV-OB; ROOM 123/SOB [1] $1459.00

Same rate as the baby. So that makes it $2,918 per night… and there wasn’t even a jacuzzi.

03/25/13 LIDOCAINE 1% MDV 50ML; LIDOCAINE 1% (10MG/ML) MDV 50 ML [1] $9.50

No idea.

03/24/13 LACT RINGERS 1000 CC [1] $80.00

I guess this was her IV bag they setup when Lisa started puking.

03/24/13 AMNISURE KIT [1] $70.00

I know this one! This is the test they use to ensure your water broke.

03/24/13 VENIPUNCTURE [1] $13.50
03/25/13 VENIPUNCTURE [1] $13.50
TOTAL: $27.00

Maybe putting the IV in? Idk.

03/24/13 BLOOD TYPING ABO [1] $35.91
03/24/13 COOMBS INDIRECT [1] $40.00
TOTAL: $75.91

Haven’t a clue.

*** 305 LAB HEMATOLOGY ***
03/24/13 CBC-A [1] $66.50
03/25/13 HEMOGLOBIN [1] $27.50
TOTAL: $94

Beats me.

*** 307 LAB UROLOGY ***
03/24/13 URINALYSIS [1] $38.80

They had to test her urine when she came in.


Now this created a pause for us. Lisa did not request Pitocin, nor did she want it, nor did anyone ask or say they were administering it.

03/24/13 SENNA/DOCUSATE 8.6/50 MG TAB [2] $6.00
03/24/13 ZOLPIDEM 5 MG TAB [2] $38.00
03/24/13 ACETAMINOPHEN 325 MG TAB [2] $6.00
03/25/13 ACETAMINOPHEN 325 MG TAB [2] $6.00
03/25/13 SENNA/DOCUSATE 8.6/50 MG TAB [2] $6.00
03/25/13 SENNA/DOCUSATE 8.6/50 MG TAB [-2] -$6.00
03/25/13 ACETAMINOPHEN 325 MG TAB [2] $6.00
TOTAL: $62.00

$6 for 650 MG worth of Tylenol, geez. We could have walked down the hall to the pharmacy and bought an entire bottle for less. The Zolpidem was Ambien was directed by the doctor when Lisa arrived in early labor.

03/24/13 DELIVERY/BIRTHING RM [1] $2237.67

Ouch, that’s a big one. The charge for delivering the little guy, I guess.

*** 721 LABOR RM/DEL LABOR ***
03/24/13 LABOR ROOM EACH 1/2 HOUR [22] $2552.00

Okay, now this is one we both just don’t understand. We’re already charged damn near $3k to have the OB room, and now we’re charged extra for every half hour Lisa was in labor? Why did no one tell us this? We went in as soon as we thought we should, but had we known this charge would be here, we would have waited longer. I just really don’t understand this. It’s not like Lisa was given extra attention during this time until the last couple of hours. In fact, for the first 5 hours she laid in bed and the only people in the room was her and I.

So this means we were charged not only $3,000 for the OB unit, but also $232 / hour for every hour Lisa was in labor. And yes, she was “in labor” for just about 11 hours.

GRAND TOTAL: $6735.88

Meh, nothing to say I guess.

I should note that the total amount for everything that I mentioned above doesn’t include the 20% discount that was given to us. I assume we will be receiving it, even though it doesn’t show on these detailed bills. So if that’s the case, it brings the cost down to:

Visit Summary
Charges: $9,142.91
20% Charity Adjustment: -$1,828.58
Grand Total: $7,314.33

So, a bit better, but still going to take a while to pay off.

And if we include the running total from everything we’ve received thus far, we get:

Running Total
Appointments: 17
Charges: $12,638.31
20% Charity Adjustment: -$2,527.66
Grand Total: $10,110.65

So how much does it cost to have a kid without insurance? According to my experience, just about $12,638.31.

It’s a Boy!

I know I’m a bit late writing this but the past couple of weeks have been hectic. But first things first, our healthy baby boy was born on March 24, 2013 at 11:36 am! He was 7 lbs 12 oz, 18.5 inches long and Lisa did the entire birth naturally with no pain medication. But more on that later.

I should have time to write the full birth story later this week, but just wanted to update to say that he made it and we’re all doing great!

To the Hospital We Go…

…only to be sent home.

This morning Lisa woke up and her underwear was wet. She then went to the bathroom and afterwards she walked to the sink and a stream of water was gushing down her leg. Although she wasn’t having any strong contractions, she was almost certain her water broke. Since they told us to come in when her water breaks, we packed our stuff and headed to the hospital.

After checking in and paper work, they gave us a room in OB. They decided to run a test to see if what she was leaking was amniotic fluid or just discharge, to determine if her water really did break. So they swabbed some strange paper with the fluid and waited for the results. After about 15 minutes, it came back negative. Probably just normal discharge or something, not sure. The nurse talked to the doctor and he said it sounded like we should just head back home, so we did.

So the little guy or gal still isn’t ready. We’re now at 4 days overdue and Lisa doesn’t want to induce unless there is a risk to the baby or her. So still playing the waiting game.

I am a bit concerned about this visit though since we were fully admitted to the OB and she sat in the bed for about an hour. What will they charge us? Only time will tell…

Visit Summary
Charges: Unknown

Running Total
Appointments: 15
Charges: $3,495.40
20% Charity Adjustment: -$699.08
Grand Total: $2,796.32

Appointment #15: Checkup, Fetal Monitor, & Past Due

So if you’ve been following you may have noticed that today is the 20th and Lisa’s due date was the 18th. Lisa is still very much pregnant and now we’re past due. We both thought it was going to happen on Monday as Lisa was having contractions for close to 24 hours, but nothing came of it.

Today’s checkup went fine, they said she is still measuring good and the baby is healthy. Since she is only a couple of days past due, there wasn’t any talk of inducing, but they said if she is still pregnant at our next appointment (Monday the 25th) that will be a main part of conversation. Lisa and I both want to avoid induction if possible, and only move forward with that if there is some danger to the baby. There also was some confusion with our due date early on as we have been given the 28th, 24th, 20th, and the 18th. So we will make sure to bring that up on Monday, assuming the little guy or gal doesn’t make his way into the world this week.

The doc “checked” Lisa, aka shoved some fingers up in there, and said she was dilated to 1.5 or 2. After the checkup and questions, Lisa was hooked up to a Fetal Monitor for about 20 minutes which tracks the baby’s heart rate and strength of contractions. We both found it pretty nifty, and I snapped a pic of the machine.

Appointment 15: Fetal Monitor

Appointment 15: Fetal Monitor (Click to enlarge)

Not sure how much that will cost, but we shall see.

Hopefully my next post will be about the birth of our guy or gal and not another appointment log!

Visit Summary
Charges: Unknown

Running Total
Appointments: 15
Charges: $3,495.40
20% Charity Adjustment: -$699.08
Grand Total: $2,796.32