Appointment #10: Yep, Another Checkup

Standard stuff again! Doc said everything seemed fine, baby’s heart beat, yadda yadda. Only difference this appointment was Lisa raised the concern about the baby’s position. So one of the doctors tried checking with her hands and she said it felt like the baby was head down. However, just to be sure they pulled Lisa into the ultrasound room and confirmed, that yes, the baby was now head down. So that’s a relief, we just hope our little guy or gal stays that way now!

They also changed our due date again, this time to March 18, instead of March 24. We’ll see about that I guess.

Next appointment is in two weeks again and then we move to weekly. Almost home stretch!

Running Total
Appointments: 10
Charges: $3,418.90
20% Charity Adjustment: -$683.78
Grand Total: $2,735.12

Appointment #9: Checkup

We’re moving to checkups every two weeks now, instead of monthly. But it was still like all the others, same exact procedure. However, we received some semi-scary news as the baby was still transverse, which means they were laying with their head on their side, instead of head down. If the baby is transverse when Lisa goes into labor, that is a 100% guaranteed cesarean according to our hospital. But they did assure us not to be too worried, because it is quite common for the baby to change positions a lot during the weeks leading up to the birth. They said it would become an issue if they were still transverse in 4 weeks.

So we will keep our eye on that and Lisa is going to try some techniques to help the baby go head down. Cya in two weeks!

Running Total
Appointments: 9
Charges: $3,418.90
20% Charity Adjustment: -$683.78
Grand Total: $2,735.12

Appointment #8: Another Checkup

Appointment number 8 was just another checkup. I guess we need to start going every 2-3 weeks now instead of monthly, so they’re not really monthly checkups anymore.

There is nothing really interesting to mention here. It was just the standard pee in a cup, measurements, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. The only thing that was different was Lisa had a vaginal swab done to test for any kind of infection.

Still no bill from the last few appointments, so the total isn’t current. Yesterday was our first prenatal class at the hospital but haven’t got around to discussing it yet. Shall do that soon!

Update: 3/5/13

Apparently vagina swabs are more expensive than expected:


TOTAL: $91.60

Appointment 8 Financial Statement

Appointment 8 Financial Statement (Click to enlarge)

Visit Summary
Charges: $114.50
Adjustments: -$22.90
Amount Due: $91.60

Running Total
Appointments: 8
Charges: $3,418.90
20% Charity Adjustment: -$683.78
Grand Total: $2,735.12

Appointment #7: Checkup, Sugar Water, and Bloody Hemorrhoids

Well hello there beautiful people! Today (December 18th) was appointment #7. Before I get into the actual appointment details, let’s back track about a week. Getting right to the point, Lisa is having painfully bloody shits. Her Google research is leading her to believe she is having hemorrhoid issues. Oh the joys of being pregnant. She was going to ask about it, but chickened out because it was a new doctor we hadn’t had yet… a male doctor. He was really nice but she would rather bring it up with one of the female docs. So for now, she is going to just put up with her bloody diarrhea and me teasing her about it.

The monthly checkup was standard as always. Peeing in a cup, small talk, doppler to listen to the heart beat, & stomach measurements. Like I’ve brought up before, we still have never received a bill for any of these monthly checkups. This seems really weird to me and am worried that one month they’re going to just be tacked onto our statement. Let’s hope not.

Once the checkup was done, Lisa was scheduled for a gestational diabetes screening. Apparently this tests you for diabetes during pregnancy. She had to get blood drawn, drink a very sugary beverage, sit in the lobby for one hour, then have blood drawn again. They told us they would only call us if there was a problem, and since we never received a call, we’re assuming she passed the test.

We haven’t received our bill for this appointment yet, but blood draws aren’t cheap, so I’m going to guess this will cost us at least $500. Let’s hope I’m really high.

We were also told that instead of checkups every 4 weeks, we will now be coming in every 3 weeks. So our next appointment is 1/9/13.

Merry Christmas, yal!

Update: 2/5/13

We received the bill for this, and somehow, someway, it was much lower than expected, as show below:


TOTAL: $68.40

Appointment 7 Financial Statement

Appointment 7 Financial Statement (Click to enlarge)

So under 70 bucks… not too bad!

Visit Summary
Charges: $85.50
Adjustments: -$17.10
Amount Due: $68.40

Running Total
Appointments: 7
Charges: $3,304.40
20% Charity Adjustment: -$660.88
Grand Total: $2,643.52