Appointment #5, 2nd Ultrasound

We were told we needed to schedule the 18 week ultrasound a few days after our last checkup. So we did. We showed up on 10/25 and it went pretty much just like the first. Lisa, armed with a full bladder, changed into the hospital gown, we engaged in small talk with the ultrasound tech for a few minutes and then were looking at our slightly larger little alien fetus again.

The Fetus is Growing!

The Fetus is Growing! (Click to enlarge)

Everything seemed well and our little guy or girl was growing just fine. Good news. All in all, it took about 20 or so minutes from sit down to walking out.

Surprisingly, the bill for this ultrasound was actually less than the previous. Not sure if the ultrasounds become less complicated the farther along during the pregnancy or whatever, but this one was noticeably less expensive than the 8 week. From our perspective, everything was very familiar, but hey, I won’t complain.

That being said, I have noticed from previous hospital visits throughout the years that they can be slow at sending bills. So this may not be complete, and a month or two from now we could be slammed with another charge. One thing that stands out is we were not billed for “921 OTHER DIAG PERIPHERAL LAB” like we were for the 1st ultrasound. Let’s hope that it wasn’t necessary for this, or something like that.

Here’s our statements for this. For some reason, they didn’t send us the detailed reports like the first couple appointments. Everything was just added to what we already owe.


TOTAL: $499.20

Appointment 5 Financial Statement

Appointment 5 Financial Statement (Click to enlarge)

TOTAL: $264.00

Appointment 5 Financial Statement, #2

Appointment 5 Financial Statement, #2 (Click to enlarge)

So we’re about half way through but I imagine everything will become more expensive near the end, especially the actual birth.

12/01/12 Update: We received what we assume is the final bill for this, so the charges are current… I hope.

Visit Summary
Charges: $954.00
Adjustments: -$190.80
Amount Due: $763.20

Running Total
Appointments: 5
Charges: $3,218.90
20% Charity Adjustment: -$643.78
Grand Total: $2,575.12

The Second Appointment, Our First Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a weird word when you think about it. Ultra means excessive or extreme, so does this machine use excessive sound waves to form the picture? I haven’t a clue on how it works.

We showed up to our ultrasound appointment just two days after our first, on August 17, 2012 at 9:00am. Back to the set of the Truman Show, we waited about 10 minutes before we were summoned. I was sent to sit in a chair, which seems will be my job at these things, while my wife put on that sexy hospital gown. In a few minutes she arrived, laid on the bed, and the doc went to work.

And there it was. If there were any remaining shreds of doubt they were torn to pieces at the sound of the hummingbird like heartbeat. Here is our fetus:

Our Fetus!

Our Fetus! (Click to enlarge)

It kind of looks like a mini demented elephant to me. As it shows in the picture, it’s estimated she was 8 weeks 1 day, which brought the due date to March 20, 2013.

The doc click clacked a bit more, drew some lines on the screen, typed on the keyboard and made some small talk all the while we watched our little peanut wiggle around to the “whoosh” bass that I expect to hear in a future Skrillex song. According to doc, all looked well and we would be giving birth to an elephant in 7 months. Everything came in clear so a vaginal ultrasound was deemed unnecessary, much to the dismay of Lisa.

The doc then shut the machine off and told us to go home. From the time they said hello to the time we walked out the door it was about 20 minutes.

Below are the financial details for this visit.



U/S OB LESS THAN 14 WEEKS [1] $550.00
TOTAL: $550.00


U/S DOPPLER ABD [1] $500
TOTAL: $500.00

GRAND TOTAL: $1050.00

Appointment 2 Financial Statement

Appointment 2 Financial Statement (Click to enlarge)

Another grand, not a bad deal for the hospital, they made out to about $3,150 per hour. Note sure what the second charge is, perhaps it was for the reading or some kind of lab after the ultrasound was over?

Update 9/17/12: We received another bill for this visit from a different part of the hospital. I assume this one has to do with reading or examining the results of the ultrasound or something?


CPT: 76801 -Q6 ULTRASOUND OB <14 WK S $165.00 TOTAL: $165.00 [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Appointment 2 Financial Statement, #2Appointment 2 Financial Statement, #2 (Click to enlarge)[/caption]

So that brings the total for this visit up to $1,215, yay!

Visit Summary
Charges: $1,215

Running Total
Appointments: 2
Charges: $2,264.90